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ASICS DS Light AG Review: Perfect for small sided games

ASICS DS Light AG review football boots soccer cleats
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  1. Raffaele says:

    Hey,great review! You say to go down half a size,so if I’m usually 28 cm should I get these in 27,5 cm? Thanks for the answer!

    1. admin says:

      Yes sir though the sizes listed in our partner’s site is in US sizes so you can go half a size down accordingly.

  2. Chrissy says:

    Hi Jason, may I know if this is suitable to use on HG and FG as well? Would it affect it’s durability (especially the studs) if i use them on HG regularly?

    1. nosajpersonlah says:

      Hey man, apologies that I missed this earlier.

      I don’t see an issue with it durability wise due to how sturdy the studs are. However, they’re really small and close to each other so I don’t think you’ll get the sort of traction desired.

  3. Chris Toni Silkoset says:

    Is there any other football boot that has the same sizing? So i can compare. Size 10 US in Mizuno Rebula is a littlebit too short, should i then go for the same size in these?

    1. nosajpersonlah says:

      I’m a US9 (Rebula Cup), Us8.5 (Rebula 3/Neo 3 MiJ/Vapor 13/Predator Freak/Copa 19+/Puma Ultra)

      Hope this helps!

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