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adidas Copa Sense .1 Review: A solid boot built for Gen Z in mind

adidas Copa Sense .1 football boots soccer cleats
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  1. Songfish13 says:

    Boothype calling it like it is. Great review. Agree with it all. True to size 100%, and all this nonsense about the boot not being fully leather…..I get the criticism with the advertising, that’s wrong……but in terms of the boot, it makes no difference. The Copa series give Adidas the chance to experiment and evolve without touching the Mundial. People complain about the Premier IIs because Nike tweak it and update it. If you want leather, go Tiempo, Mundial or Premier…….simples

    1. admin says:

      I think it makes a difference to the old school purists but as I said, I think this is a very good boot for those who are not wedded to traditions. This is their “MP3” vs vinyl haha.

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