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On-feet Impressions: Puma Ultra

On feet review: Puma Ultra
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  1. Sikandar Zahid says:

    It would be really interesting to hear your opinion once you have had a play in these boots! I am going to buy a new pair of boots after 5 years (coming from Nike Superfly 5) and instead of going for the new Nike Superfly 7 I wanted to try Puma out since I have wide feet. I don’t remember having to break in the Superfly 5’s but from your review of the Mercurial range they seem more narrow than previous versions. I also almost play exclusively on AG hence why I want to get the AG-Pro from Nike but I am willing to give the supposed FG/AG of the Puma Ultra a try unless they come out with a MG stud pattern like they did with the Future later in the year? My boots were super durable from 5 years of consistent use (playing 2/3 a week) but my little brother has had the Vapor 13 for a year (from my understanding these are exactly the same as the Superfly 7 apart from the taller collar) and already it is falling to bits with the Nike Swoosh peeling off so I want a durable boot but it worries me buying Puma also due to the Puma EvoSpeed SL boots that last about 5 games. Keep up the good work and look forward to your next article on the Puma Ultra.

    1. admin says:

      Hey Sikandar! Thanks so much for the kind words. Yes the Mercurial series has always been associated with a slimmer cut though the current models can just about fit moderate width feet too.

      Yes I understand your concerns about durability but I’m sure Puma built this to last, unlike the EvoSpeed SL. Whether it lasts… we’ll see haha. We’re getting a pair in Sept though we’re not sure when it’ll arrive in Singapore due to shipping delays. We’ll update on our IG when we finally get a pair and wear them on pitch. Thanks for the support!

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