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Breaking down the Morelia Neo silo

Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Japan, Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 beta and the Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 beta football boots soccer cleats japanese football boots
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  1. Lpri says:

    Thanks for the great article. You chose a good topic and I want to thank you for including Neo 2 as well into comparison.

    I know sizing is a bit tricky subject, but I would have liked if you tackled it at least a bit. I’ve read contradicting things about those. I think the consensus is to go half a size down to Beta 3 (from Neo 2) but some people say Neo 3 fits a bit more like Neo 2 and the half a size smaller can be too small if you wore Neo2 as snug. What is your opinion or do you think all are identical?

    1. nosajpersonlah says:

      Hey Lpri,

      Thanks for the comments, I skipped touching on sizing as I’ve covered it in my Neo 2 Beta and Neo 3 Beta articles, but on hindsight that would have made sense to be part of the article. Will look to add them for future comparison articles.

      if we use Neo 2 as a starting point. I’d say Neo 2 Beta fits the same lengthwise as the Neo 2, but due to the lack of padding, it feels wider and more spacious in the forefoot.

      With the Neo 3, the new last means that in the same size as a Neo 2, it fits similarly to the Neo 2 Beta, but every so slightly more roomy. So if you felt that the fit in the Neo 2 was tight width wise, true to size in Neo 3. If you felt that the Neo 2 was not overly snug or narrow, down half a size for the Neo 3.

      With the Neo 3 Beta, no questions, down half a size for sure. At least that’s how I feel for everything.

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