Football Boots

Best Football Boots for Goalkeepers (and some gear too)

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  1. guest22245 says:

    Hy! Just one little comment: as a sweeper-keeper having tried almost anything, nothing beats a 6 stud SG leather boot, and if it has flip-over tongue the better. A heavier boot helps with longer shots, like golf drive, the comfort, touch and protection of leather is unbeateable and the tongue helps with volleys. The 6 stud SG (if you’re on a muddy pitch, if not the 12 conical studplate is the way to go) offers good customizable traction without any clinginess like it happens with blades, plus they are a good deterrent against “cuddly” strikers. Finally, they are comparatevely cheap. Just my 2 cents, you should’ve included this option (World Cup, Morelia, King, PdO, Ryal…).

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