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adidas X Speedflow.1 Review: Return of the People’s Speed Boot

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  1. Ashoka Dhingra says:

    I have moderately wide feet and i am really confused between Puma Ultra 1.2 and Speedflow.1
    What do you recommend?

    1. admin says:

      Both work really well for wide feet. That said, the materials and fit are very different.

      Materials – Both have thin uppers but the Ultra 1.2 had a more raw knitted feel while the X Speedflow has a gummy-like, silicone texture. It’s really subjective what you’d like.

      Fit – This is where you’ll notice big differences. I have slightly wide feet and I went half a size down in both boots. Ultra fit perfectly width and length wise but the X Speedflow still has ample room around the toebox though the X can REALLY STRETCH.

      Your final decision might come down to what fits you best.

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